Septic tanks


Septic tanks are a cost effective septic solution for residential waste water treatment. With low maintenance requirements and often no need for pumps, they’re ideal for remote and rural households. However, the quality of the final liquid waste is poor. Generally you will only be allowed to install one of these if your land is greater than 2.5 acres and is without dams or nearby waterways. 

Have a smaller property? Our wastewater treatment systems and tanks with sand filters are a better fit for smaller spaces or for land with environmentally sensitive features.


Our wastewater services

Septic tank Installation

The red tape you’ve been dreading? You can forget it. When you’re ready to install we’re ready to handle the applications and permits with your local council. We’ll make sure everything is installed to code with minimal environmental impact.

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Septic tank repairs

Whether your septic tank is installed by us, or already in use, we offer septic repairs to keep your system running well and ensure you meet your council requirements. And if something does go wrong, we’re available 24/7 for repairs.

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Septic tank pumping

Got a blockage? Pipes getting a bit sluggish? Need your septic tank cleared out? We can help with that. When your wastewater isn't moving neither are you. Contact us for fast, efficient waste water pumping and get your system moving smoothly.

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VERY happy with the service. SSA kept us up to date with the works and his workers were very efficient.
— Rob Foltyn, Envirosep 2000 installation, Warrandyte South

How do septic tanks work?

The work we do above ground makes septic tank installation and repairs look easy, but the real magic happens below ground.

A septic tank is typically a concrete or plastic tank buried below ground. It safely collects and stores waste water from your bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry through pipes that run to the tank. The waste settles at the bottom as sludge, and the fats and oils rise to the top as ‘scum’. The wastewater is digested by good bacteria. This turns the waste into effluent. This flows into absorption trenches and returned to the earth – away from your house, away from your drinking water and away from you.


Which system is right for you?

Primary treatment
Conventional septic tank
Secondary treatment
Aerated wastewater treatment plant
Secondary treatment
Sand filter
Suitable for sites with limited spaceNot allowed on blocks smaller than 8,000m2YesNo
Quality of final effluentPoorExcellentExcellent
Suitable for environmentally sensitive areasNoYesYes
Suitable for sandy sitesYesYesNo
Suitable for rocky sitesYesYesSubject to site inspection
Suitable for steep sitesSubject to site inspectionYesNo
Suitable for high water table areasNoYesNo
Subsurface or Surface Drip IrrigationNoYesYes
Can be used on commercial premisesNoYesNo
Maintenance requirementsDesludge every 3 - 5 yearsDesludge every 3 - 5 years
Quarterly servicing
Desludge every 3 - 5 years
Annual service (if pumped to subsurface irrigation)

We're ready to get our hands dirty

We’re ready to get our hands dirty installing and servicing your septic tank. Give us a call.