Septic tanks with sand filters


A septic tank with sand filter produces a high quality effluent that can be used as irrigation for garden and lawns. This low-maintenance septic solution rarely, if ever, needs ongoing servicing. 


Our wastewater services


When you’re ready to install your sand filter system, leave the dirty work to us. We will handle everything from the design, the council permit applications and council inspections to all the heavy lifting of the installation itself.

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One of the benefits of a septic tank with a sand filter is that it only requires servicing once a year. And gravity-fed Sand Filters without pumps don’t require any maintenance at all! But if anything should go wrong, we can be on hand 24/7.

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Septic tank pumping

Councils require regular pumping of septic tanks. Whether we have installed your system or not, we can organise fast, efficient septic tank pumping and keep your system moving.

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The service provided by SSA was professional in every sense. The staff, contractors and management were all very prompt, and highly efficient. Courtesy and respect were shown at all times and the team was always helpful and educational, informing us of every step along the way.
— Albert Jacobs, Installation of a Sand Filter, Heatherton

How do septic tanks with a sand filter work?

Septic tanks with sand filters use a conventional septic tank, which initially stores the wastewater from your house. It’s here where the good bacteria starts the process of breaking down the solids. The wastewater then passes through a ‘bed’ of sand and rock, which helps to remove any nasties before it is dispersed either through absorption trenches or subsurface irrigation where it can be used to water your lawn and garden. From water into waste and back into water again. We love it.

Which system is right for you?

Primary treatment
Conventional septic tank
Secondary treatment
Aerated wastewater treatment plant
Secondary treatment
Sand filter
Suitable for sites with limited spaceNot allowed on blocks smaller than 8,000m2YesNo
Quality of final effluentPoorExcellentExcellent
Suitable for environmentally sensitive areasNoYesYes
Suitable for sandy sitesYesYesNo
Suitable for rocky sitesYesYesSubject to site inspection
Suitable for steep sitesSubject to site inspectionYesNo
Suitable for high water table areasNoYesNo
Subsurface or Surface Drip IrrigationNoYesYes
Can be used on commercial premisesNoYesNo
Maintenance requirementsDesludge every 3 - 5 yearsDesludge every 3 - 5 years
Quarterly servicing
Desludge every 3 - 5 years
Annual service (if pumped to subsurface irrigation)


We're ready to get our hands dirty

We’re ready to get our hands dirty with septic tank and sand filter design, installation and servicing. Give us a call!