Wastewater treatment systems


Is it just us that gets excited about removing waste and turning it into something useful? Wastewater treatment systems turn your household wastewater into high quality liquid waste that is suitable to water your lawns and gardens. And with regular servicing and maintenance, your wastewater treatment system will last.


Our wastewater services


When it’s time to install your wastewater treatment system we’re ready to get our hands dirty. We'll handle everything from the design, permit applications and council inspections as well as the installation i. 

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Did you know that all councils require wastewater treatment systems to have quarterly servicing? Whether your septic tank is installed by us, or is already in use, we can help keep it running. 

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Wastewater treatment
system Pumping

Got a blockage? Pipes getting a bit sluggish? Need your septic tank cleared out? We can help with that.  Contact us for fast, efficient waste water pumping and get your system moving smoothly.

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Tricky block? No problem.

If your property is located in an environmentally sensitive area, a wastewater treatment system can be designed to fit your land with minimal impact, taking into account local council parameters. We've even managed to install efficient wastewater treatment systems on small blocks with steep slopes, sandy soil and in areas of high water tables.

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SSA is a friendly, reliable company. SSA regularly called with progress updates from the planning permit stage, right through to (and after) the completion of the installation of our treatment plant.
— Michelle Kostora, Upgrade to Envirosep System and Subsurface Irrigation, Launching Place

How do wastewater treatment systems work?

A wastewater treatment system provides both primary and secondary treatment of wastewater from a household or commercial premise. The wastewater from your house flows into a conventional septic tank where it is digested by good bacteria (primary treatment). The wastewater then flows into a second tank where it is exposed to additional processes of aeration, clarification and disinfection to further treat the wastewater. It is this secondary treatment that provides the magic that turns the wastewater into high quality effluent so it can be dispersed to your gardens and lawns through subsurface irrigation or absorption trenches.

Which system is right for you?

Primary treatment
Conventional septic tank
Secondary treatment
Aerated wastewater treatment plant
Secondary treatment
Sand filter
Suitable for sites with limited spaceNot allowed on blocks smaller than 8,000m2YesNo
Quality of final effluentPoorExcellentExcellent
Suitable for environmentally sensitive areasNoYesYes
Suitable for sandy sitesYesYesNo
Suitable for rocky sitesYesYesSubject to site inspection
Suitable for steep sitesSubject to site inspectionYesNo
Suitable for high water table areasNoYesNo
Subsurface or Surface Drip IrrigationNoYesYes
Can be used on commercial premisesNoYesNo
Maintenance requirementsDesludge every 3 - 5 yearsDesludge every 3 - 5 years
Quarterly servicing
Desludge every 3 - 5 years
Annual service (if pumped to subsurface irrigation)

We're ready to get our hands dirty

We’re ready to get our hands dirty with wastewater treatment system design, installation and servicing.