For the love of wastewater

We design, install, service and repair septic systems.


Septic Systems are our World

We're passionate about wastewater, so you don't have to be.
We like nothing better than designing, installing, servicing and repairing residential and commercial septic systems. We'll take care of the council requirements and we’ll keep your systems running smoothly.

Our Victorian wastewater services

Septic System Installation

If you're ready to get a septic system, we’re ready to get our hands dirty. We design and install commercial and residential systems all across Victoria.

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All councils require home owners to maintain their septic systems with regular servicing and/or pump outs. We service all systems to meet regulations.

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Got a tank that needs a pump out? We can organise fast, efficient liquid waste removal to remove blockages and keep your systems in top shape.

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Septic systems designed for you 

We love wastewater and we specialise in finding septic solutions for all sites, including the tricky ones. When designing a septic system for your home or business we’ll consider your land type, location, land size, the surrounding environment and proximity to waterways. We’ll then design a solution that is low impact, high value and comes with all the necessary council permits.

That means we’ll look after all the paperwork, permit applications and council inspections and we'll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the installation.


There are three main types of domestic septic systems. We do them all.


Septic tanks

Septic tanks are one of the most cost-effective septic systems available. But due to the poor quality of their liquid waste, councils will only allow them to be installed on certain properties. 

Wastewater treatment systems

Wastewater treatment systems produce a high quality liquid waste that is safe to use on gardens and lawns. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties.

Septic tanks with sand filters

Sand filters treat the liquid waste through underground sand and rock filters. Their high quality effluent that is safe to use on your grounds but has limited commercial use.

Leave the dirty work to us

We’re ready to get our hands dirty with septic system design, installation and servicing solutions for you.